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The attorneys at Karam Law Firm will fight to recover maximum compensation

Trying to recover compensation after you’ve been hurt in a truck accident can be a confusing and frustrating process. Negligent drivers and trucking companies deny doing anything wrong. Insurance companies keep trying to deny you the compensation you deserve. You may not know what to do next and have lots of questions.

At Karam Law Firm, we help you get answers. Attorney Aizar J. Karam Jr. has more than 24 years of experience. He holds an AV Preeminent Rating from Martindale-Hubbell, a designation awarded to less than 5 percent of all lawyers. He is very familiar with insurance company tactics used to limit your compensation. He knows what it takes to build strong cases that get results.

Some frequently asked questions about truck accidents:

If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, it’s important to get trusted legal advice as soon as possible. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced truck accident lawyers. We can answer any questions you have about your case. We can also review the details of your truck accident and go over your legal options. We have offices conveniently located in McAllen and Edinburg.

What should I do after a truck accident?

There are certain steps you can take following a truck accident to help protect your health and your rights. Call the police. They can investigate the accident and document what happened. Get medical attention, even if you feel OK. You could be injured but are not yet showing any symptoms.

If you are able, take pictures of the accident scene and collect the names and contact information for everyone involved, including any witnesses. Just exchange information – don’t discuss who was to blame. Finally, contact an experienced truck accident attorney to get legal advice and learn about your options.

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When can I file a claim for compensation after a truck accident?

In Texas, the statute of limitations for taking legal action after a truck accident is two years from the date of the crash. That sounds like plenty of time, but it is important to start work on your case as soon as possible. Over time, important evidence can be lost or destroyed and the memories of witnesses can fade.

That’s why we encourage you to get legal advice as soon as you can following your truck accident. We can get started on your case right away and take steps to preserve evidence that is controlled by the insurance company. This helps us build a strong case as we fight to recover the maximum compensation possible.

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What regulations are truck drivers and trucking companies required to follow?

The trucking industry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This agency has issued regulations that truck drivers and trucking companies must follow. They cover all aspects of the trucking company – including weight limits, hours of service, inspections and truck maintenance.

Our legal team is very familiar with these regulations. When we investigate your truck accident, we take a very close look to determine whether all FMCSA regulations were followed. Failure to follow any of these regulations can be used as evidence of negligence as you seek to recover financial compensation for your injuries.

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Do I have to talk to the insurance company after an accident?

No. You may be contacted by the insurance company for a negligent truck driver or trucking company. They may want to ask you some questions. They may even request that you make a recorded statement about the how the accident happened. They won’t sound confrontational and you may think there’s no harm in talking to them.

Don’t forget that insurance companies are not on your side. Their goal is to try to get you to say something that can be used against you as you seek compensation. If you are contacted by an insurance company after your accident, politely decline to answer any questions or give a statement. Tell them you need to talk to your attorney. Then call us.

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Should I accept a settlement offer?

Soon after your truck accident, the insurance company may contact you with a settlement offer. They will promise quick payment and may even tell you that it’s the best they can do. Medical expenses for treating your injuries are starting to add up and you’re not sure how you’re going to pay them. Their settlement offer may seem very tempting.

Don’t be fooled. Insurance companies typically make these types of lowball settlement offers. Why? Because it helps them save money. Their offer will fall far short of covering all the damages you have suffered, and they know it. We strongly recommend that you get legal advice before accepting any settlement offer from an insurance company.

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How much compensation can I get?

It depends on many different factors. These factors include the type and severity of the injuries you suffered, the type and cause of the truck accident, the parties responsible for causing the crash and insurance policy limits.

Our firm is not interested in making quick deals with the insurance company that help them save money. We are committed to helping you recover the maximum compensation possible. That’s why we investigate your accident and put in the time and the effort to build strong cases that insurance companies must take seriously. It’s also why other lawyers recommend Karam Law to their clients.

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How can a truck accident lawyer help me?

Truck accident cases can be very complicated. Negligent drivers and trucking companies often deny doing anything wrong. Trucking companies may be located in another state. There may have been multiple parties involved, each with their own insurance carrier and lawyer. Insurance companies use different tactics to try to limit compensation.

At Karam Law, our attorneys know how to identify negligent parties and build strong cases to hold them accountable. Attorney Aizar J. Karam Jr. has more than 24 years of experience. Our firm is respected, trusted and highly rated. Insurance companies know that we fight for the maximum compensation possible.

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How long will it take to resolve my truck accident case?

Resolving your truck accident can take anywhere from months to years, depending on the complexity of your case. Insurance companies will often fight your claim after a truck accident because they know there is a lot of money at stake. Their lawyers will do everything they can to reduce your compensation and deny or delay your claim.

Attorney Aizar J. Karam Jr. has been helping people injured in truck accidents for more than 24 years. He can give you an idea of what to expect with your case. You can expect aggressive representation from an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who won’t stop fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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