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If you have been seriously injured in a vehicle accident, it’s important that you speak with a dedicated Texas personal injury attorney before accepting any settlement from an insurance company. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that claims examiners and the insurance companies who employ them will act in good faith when handling your claim after a serious wreck.

We should know; we have years of experience helping clients protect their rights in the aftermath of severe vehicle accidents and we are well-acquainted with the techniques used by insurance companies who are seeking to deny, reduce, or delay legitimate payouts to victims.

Car Accidents

At KARAM LAW FIRM, we have a thorough knowledge of the law when it comes to insurance claims surrounding car accidents. Insurance companies know that we don’t hesitate to take a case to trial if necessary on behalf of our clients in order to ensure that they receive the maximum compensation to which they are legally entitled under state law following an auto wreck.

Truck Accidents

Accidents involving trucks or 18-wheelers have the potential to result in extremely severe injuries or even death due to the massive size of the vehicles in question and the fact that both parties were traveling at high freeway speeds. We are experienced in representing clients who are being intimidated by large corporate insurance carriers and won’t back down despite their aggressive tactics.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling way to travel, but due to the nature of the vehicle, you can be catastrophically injured if another driver fails to see you and respect your space on the road. We have represented countless motorcycle accident victims and can get you the compensation you need to pay for medical expenses and property damage, as well as make up for any lost income related to the accident.

Thorough Guidance Throughout the Legal Process

The cornerstone of all personal injury suits is demonstrating that the negligence or misconduct of another party caused the plaintiff harm. Sometimes these scenarios are fairly black and white. If you have been rear-ended by a drunk driver and have sustained injuries because of it, you can hold the driver accountable in court. Lawsuits can grow complicated quickly when there are third parties who may be partly to blame for a wreck, such as when a vehicle manufacturer knowingly misleads consumers about the safety of their products.

We can help you identify these third parties who may be partly responsible for a wreck and go after them in civil court if necessary. Let us work out the details and secure a just settlement for you while you and your family concentrate on putting your lives back together. Call our office today to find out how we can help you safeguard your rights and get you the compensation you deserve for your ordeal.

Let an aggressive Texas vehicle accident lawyer handle your claim following a car accident

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