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Consumer products are not supposed to be sold until they are determined to be safe when used as intended. Every year, however, people are hurt when using products that turned out to be defective or unsafe. If you were injured while using a product, you have the right to seek financial compensation. Karam Law Firm fights for your rights.

Our personal injury lawyers help people who have been hurt due to dangerous or defective products recover financial compensation. This includes compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. We also hold negligent parties accountable and help ensure that others are not injured in the same way.

We often take it for granted that the corporations that put products on store shelves and in car dealers’ showrooms are behaving responsibly. We assume they take all necessary steps to ensure that their products are safe for consumers to use. There is always a temptation to increase profit margins at the expense of safety, however.

A product liability lawyer who holds negligent companies accountable

When corporations cut corners so they can make more money, consumers are usually the ones who pay the price. They can suffer serious, sometimes fatal, injuries. These injuries can result in the need for surgery, hospitalization, medication and follow-up appointments with doctors. Recovery can take months or longer. Some people are left with a permanent disability.

That’s why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to win. Our firm has won cases against corporations, such as Chrysler, Ford, and manufacturers of children’s products. We have recovered substantial compensation for victims of unsafe products. In one case involving a defective baby walker, this resulted in a national recall.

Our legal team investigates what happened to you. We seek access to company records, communications and safety tests. We identify and interview witnesses. We consult safety experts and medical professionals who can help us understand how the accident happened and how it impacted your life.

We talk with you to learn how the accident has impacted your life – physically, emotionally and financially. We demand compensation for the damages you have suffered. Insurance companies will try to limit the compensation you receive. We fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Learn more about how we can help you. Call Karam.

Attorney Aizar J. Karam Jr. has extensive experience working with insurance companies. He knows the tactics and strategies that they use and how they take advantage of people. He is determined not to let that happen to you. Admired and respected by peers, attorney Karam also carries an AV Preeminent Rating, a Martindale-Hubbell rating award to less than five percent of all lawyers.

If we represent you in your product liability case, there are no upfront costs. In fact, you pay us nothing until we win. We pay all the costs to move your case forward, and we are determined to help you get the best possible outcome.

Have you or a family member been seriously injured by a defective, malfunctioning, or otherwise unsafe product? Find out what a difference an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer can make. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today. We have offices conveniently located in McAllen and Edinburg.

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