McAllen Product Liability Lawyer

Experienced Product Liability Lawyer Safegaurding Rights for McAllen Personal Injury Victims

KARAM LAW FIRM excels in helping those who have been hurt due to dangerous or defective products. Our mission is not only to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages, but also to hold those liable accountable for the pain and suffering caused by their negligence and ensure that others don’t suffer the same fate. Our success has come against large corporations and entities. We level the playing field and protect you.

Obtaining Real Results for Texans Injured by Unsafe Products

We often take it for granted that the corporations that put products on store shelves and in car dealers’ showrooms are behaving responsibly and taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure that their wares are safe for consumers to use. However, as any experienced Texas product liability attorney knows, the temptation to increase profit margins at the expense of safety concerns is often sufficiently attractive to manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers so as to discourage such responsible behavior.

When corporations cut corners to enhance their bottom line at the expense of consumer safety, the consumers are usually the ones who pay the price in the form of grave injuries or even death. If you or a family member has been seriously injured by a defective, malfunctioning, or otherwise unsafe product, we urge you to reach out to our aggressive product liability attorney as soon as possible.

Handling All Product Liability Cases

We have successfully litigated against corporations such as Chrysler, Ford, and manufacturers of children’s products and recovered substantial compensation for victims of their unsafe products. In one case involving a defective baby walker, we were able to bring about a national recall. Find out what a difference a seasoned Texas product liability lawyer can make for you when it comes to seeking financial justice for an unnecessary injury.

KARAM LAW FIRM helps clients prove product liability claims and collect the compensation to which they are entitled.

Contact our McAllen office at (956) 630-5700 to speak with an experienced Texas defective product lawyer. If you are unable to travel due to your injury, we will come to you.